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Issue 16

Companies have a responsibility to engage with all of their employees or run the risk of alienating some members of staff.

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Spencer Green
Chairman, GDS International

Sales and the 'Talent Magnet'

A lot is written about being a ‘Talent Magnet’, either as a company, or as President. It’s all good practice – listen, mentor, reward, provide clear goals and career maps. Good practice for the employer, but what about the employee?
25 May 2011

Safeguarding credit card transactions

Tectia |

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W ith credit card security breaches costing stakeholders millions of dollars, businesses and consumers are concerned about the same challenges.

Who is legally using credit card information? How can businesses maintain the confidentiality of credit card information and meet security standards and regulations for credit card transactions?

Tectia Corporation , formerly SSH Communications Security Corp, recently highlighted the challenges of protecting customer credit card data.

Tectia President and CEO Jari Mielonen noted that information security issues should no longer be the sole domain of technology officers. Mielonen pointed out that requirements for compliance with payment card industry security standards have made credit card security part of companies' risk management portfolios. "Information security should belong to every board agenda starting from today", he declared.

Secure Transmission of Customer Data

Tectia helps businesses to secure the transmission of sensitive consumer data across all networks, thus protecting customers and complying with PCI DSS requirements.

Customers lose no time in ensuring that their card payment systems comply with the rigorous information security standards of the PCI-DSS, and more importantly, that customers and overall business processes suffer no disruptions.

Furthermore, Tectia solutions are quickly deployed, easy to configure and work in complex networks, giving security and visibility to application traffic without modification to existing applications or their configurations.

Tectia solutions for PCI DSS compliance help companies to

  • Reduce the risk of financial fraud
  • Increase customer confidence by providing higher levels of security
  • Maintain customer trust
  • Protect corporate brand and reputation
  • Protect the organization against financial losses and compensation claims due to security breaches
  • Provide methods for benchmarking and assessing card payment security systems

For more information visit www.tectia.com

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