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Issue 16

Companies have a responsibility to engage with all of their employees or run the risk of alienating some members of staff.

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Spencer Green
Chairman, GDS International

Sales and the 'Talent Magnet'

A lot is written about being a ‘Talent Magnet’, either as a company, or as President. It’s all good practice – listen, mentor, reward, provide clear goals and career maps. Good practice for the employer, but what about the employee?
25 May 2011

WAN optimization market overview

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W AN Optimization needs have changed from traditional bandwidth enhancement and application acceleration capabilities, to a more application-aware approach that integrates monitoring and layer 7 QoS functionality to enable visibility and control over all applications traversing the WAN.

Addressing performance and productivity challenges of an increasingly mobile and remote workforce, as well as being conducive to virtualized environments, WAN Optimization has moved from tactical deployment to strategic imperative that is a key enabler of IT initiatives today.

Meeting Global Business Challenges - The Proximity Gap

One size of WAN Optimization doesn't fit all. Solutions should be focussed upon addressing specific enterprise needs, and for this, some WAN Optimization solutions are more equal than others. Expand is focused on enabling accelerated delivery and guaranteed performance of business critical applications and services within virtualized WAN environments and across distributed enterprise infrastructures.

As organizations struggle to meet global business challenges, while consolidating IT data and applications, they create a proximity gap between users and resources as the users and data center services move physically further apart from each other. This causes applications, files & services delivered over the WAN to suffer from performance challenges and can result in poor user productivity, failed IT projects, and impact the bottom line.

Expand addresses the proximity gap by placing users in virtual proximity of their applications and data center services. Tightly integrating technologies provides greater control and optimization of the WAN, assuring the quality of user experience across complex network environments by delivering 4 to 10 times the bandwidth and delivering a constant SLA for the user via acceleration, optimization & Layer 7 QoS techniques over the existing WAN infrastructure.

Enabling Strategic Initiatives

Expand Networks' technology delivers maximum results by focussing on enabling the following strategic initiatives:

  • VDI - Expand is the only vendor that can successfully accelerate within Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environments with applications such as Microsoft Terminal Services (RDP), Sun Sunray (ALP), and Citrix XenApp (ICA) as well as being able to securely enable VMware/Terradici PCoIP offerings. Unlike competitive offerings, Expand works on the IP layer, this enables Expand to accelerate all IP & uniquely UDP applications over the WAN.

  • Server Based Computing and Virtualization - Expand's WAN Optimization software can be effectively integrated into virtual environments, such as VMWare Vsphere (ESX, ESXi). Today Expand is the only vendor that can successfully optimize server based computing protocols such as Microsoft Terminal Services (RDP), Citrix XenApp (ICA) and Sun Ray (ALP).

  • Server Consolidation - Expand's WAN optimization solution with its integrated 'virtual server' technology enables complete server consolidation by replacing the need for an additional branch office file server. Expand's unique "Virtual Branch Server" feature sets also enable to customer to replace features that used to be delivered by a remote server, such as DCHP, DNS and Printing, all within the AoS and not via third party plug-ins like other vendors.

  • Satellite Environments - satellite links fast becoming a scarce commodity, Expand's WAN optimization solution, with integrated Space Communication Protocol Standard technology, helps distributed organizations overcome the traditional low bandwidth, high latency obstacles that impede the speed and performance of applications and services over satellite links.

Flexible Deployment from Datacentre to the Desktop

Ensuring transparent integration into your existing network in your choice of virtual or physical platforms, Expand's technology is unique in its combined ability to be deployed within a virtualized infrastructure and to accelerate and control virtualized traffic out of it. As a truly virtualized solution Expand can also be deployed under traditionally challenging and extreme conditions such as on aircraft, mobile environments and remote and unattended locations.

In addition, increased mobility and collaboration has become a critical enabler to breaking down traditional organisational boundaries and improve decision making, customer responsiveness and business productivity. Expand Networks' product range is designed to provide the same seamless user experience wherever users are - Headquarters, branch office, home office, airport, client site, train -  putting all data and applications in virtual proximity of users - virtually everywhere.

APPLIANCE ACCELERATOR (ACC) - Expand Accelerators can be deployed in small and regional branch offices, as well as in data center environments that require scale and flexibility to survive in some of the largest and most complex networks. Expand Accelerators are available in both a hard drive and a non hard drive offering, and the optimization throughput ranges from 128 Kbps to 250 Mbps depending on product choice. Expand provides a pay as you grow licensing model for both datacentre and branch Accelerators, enabling users to simply upgrade a license to unlock more capacity support.

VIRTUAL ACCELERATOR (VACC) - The Virtual Accelerator solution for virtualised datacentre environments delivers the most advanced levels of VMware integration of any leading WAN optimization vendor in the market today, enabling IT to leverage VMware's suite of services to deploy, manage, maintain and assure the Virtual Accelerator within the virtualized infrastructure. The VACC can also be deployed on servers at the branch office that have become redundant as a consequence of server consolidation, enabling the recycling of otherwise surplus hardware and supporting an efficient IT strategy.

Deployed on VMware Server version 1.0 and 2.0, ESX version 3.5 and up and ESXi version 3.0 and up, the Virtual Accelerator fully integrates into the virtual infrastructure. Scalability is achieved by running multiple instances of the Virtual Accelerator on one or multiple physical servers and the VACC introduces high availability support that enables organizations to move the Virtual Accelerator from one server to another without losing the warm cache.

MOBILE ACCELERATOR CLIENT (MACC) - The Mobile Accelerator Client (MACC) with unique HIVE technology transforms the economics of WAN optimization for smaller branch offices and mobile workers within medium to large sized businesses. The MACC's intelligent location detection provides increased flexibility and mobility as users can move around and the client will provide full WAN optimization capabilities regardless of location while also providing a distributed 'Virtual Cache' for the small branch office (collective branch) avoiding the procurement dilemma of appliance versus multiple clients and IT footprint issues.

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