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A trying 12 months for Europe has proved a painful eye-opener for many nations, but with lessons learnt, 2011 promises to be better for all.

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Spencer Green
Chairman, GDS International

Latest News by Jessica Albert

Profile : Jessica Albert is a Web Editor of CXO Europe. She has over ten years' experience specialising in technology. She first joined GDS in 2005 when she located to Bristol from Liverpool.

Apple Still Number One Smartphone Manufacturer

Apple Still Number One Smartphone Manufacturer

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Did Anonymous Crash Amazon Website?

Amazon is potentially the next high-profile name to be targeted by a group of cyber-activists in...

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MWR Labs Warn Phones Are Open to Third-Party Attack

New research suggests millions of users worldwide could be open to attack due to unsecured mobile...

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CIO Europe Summit 2011
24th – 26th May 2011

The CIO Europe Summit will once again serve as an arena for senior level executives to engage in clear and focused dialogue with their peers and examine their management objectives in a relaxed and vibrant environment.