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Spencer Green
Chairman, GDS International

Sales and the 'Talent Magnet'

A lot is written about being a ‘Talent Magnet’, either as a company, or as President. It’s all good practice – listen, mentor, reward, provide clear goals and career maps. Good practice for the employer, but what about the employee?
25 May 2011

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Cover Stories

Europe’s top 10 CIOs

CXO rounds up 10 of Europe's leading CIOs

Big top

Looking for a venue for your conference? Look no further, as here are some of the biggest and best in Europe guaranteed to meet your...

Finding the L factor

We all know that nothing stays the same, but the rate of change in the business world today must be unprecedented.


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Executive Interviews

The sonic boom

CXO speaks with Dave Chappell, Vice President & Chief Technology Evangelist, Sonic Software Corp.
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Navigating your way to a competitive advantage

Mondosoft's Laust Sondergaard on content analysis and the competitive edge.
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Getting outsourcing right

ACS Europe's Rebecca Scholl asks what's next for European HR BPO after payroll?
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CIO Europe Summit 2011
24th – 26th May 2011

The CIO Europe Summit will once again serve as an arena for senior level executives to engage in clear and focused dialogue with their peers and examine their management objectives in a relaxed and vibrant environment.