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Spencer Green
Chairman, GDS International

Sales and the 'Talent Magnet'

A lot is written about being a ‘Talent Magnet’, either as a company, or as President. It’s all good practice – listen, mentor, reward, provide clear goals and career maps. Good practice for the employer, but what about the employee?
25 May 2011

Focus Areas

Cover Stories

Delivering on a promise

What makes the world leader in package delivery services deliver faster, better? CXO asks Cathy Callagee, Vice President of Information...

How the recovery company recovered

In an interview with CXO, Rick Belluzzo, Chairman and CEO of data storage specialist Quantum, discusses his plans to reboot the company into...

Leading by example

They say that behind every great man is an even greater woman. However, in the 21st century, women are increasingly making their way out of...


  • Productive investment

    A growing number of companies, both large and small, are now investing in new tools such as PLM, CAD and ERP to better manage and use their product related information, and...
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Vendor Perspectives

Industry Analysts

  • The missing link

    When it comes to service management and CRM, can you really deliver one without the other? Chris Hodder, Manager of Enterprise Management, Acumen Solutions UK Ltd, gives us...
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  • Mission impossible?

    Addressing the many challenges of managing enterprise security and compliance. By Novell
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  • PLM – so near but yet so far

    Manufacturers today are striving for greater agility in their new product development and launch (NPDL) process, and product lifecycle management (PLM) has done much to...
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  • So you think you know PLM?

    You may think you understand what those three letters stand for but, as Roger Tempest, co-founder of the PLM Interest Group, explains, that’s only half the story. After...
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Executive Interviews

Speaking your language

When it comes to the job of CIO there are few tougher environments than the financial services industry. With Steve Sheinheit, Executive Vice President and CIO of MetLife
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Banking on it

As Europe moves headlong towards a Single European Payments Area (SEPA), banks across Europe face big challenges in making the necessary preparations.
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Analyse this

Since joining SPSS Inc, the company’s President and CEO, Jack Noonan, has built the company from a small, start-up, entrepreneurial organisation, with a single product offering, to an intelligent, business-minded public company with over 40 produc...
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CIO Europe Summit 2011
24th – 26th May 2011

The CIO Europe Summit will once again serve as an arena for senior level executives to engage in clear and focused dialogue with their peers and examine their management objectives in a relaxed and vibrant environment.