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Apple Continue to Roll, Shares over $300

In light of the upcoming earnings report Apple has continued to see an increase in sales during 2010, despite a rise in competitors using platforms like Google Android.

In spite of the global recession hangover, Apple appears to be unaffected, and shares have continued their ascent and increased a further four percent and have now breached the $300 mark, settling at $316.40 a share.

"Expectations are high, but Apple has a way of exceeding already optimistic hopes, partially because it's an inveterate low-baller of financial expectations," Sam Gustin writes on DailyFinance.com.

And it appears the figures and growth could have been much higher if Apple could meet the insatiable demand for its iPhone and iPad, according to Pacific Crest Securities analyst Andy Hargreaves.

The continued growth is off the back of Apple's iPad and iPhone, although the successes of each were achieved in very different market conditions. The iPhone has faced increasing competition from Google Android platforms, while the iPad enjoyed a total monopoly of the tablet market for the second quarter of the year. Both recorded record sales, with Wall Street expecting the iPhone to expand its shipments to the 11 million to 12 million range. If Verizon Wireless begins offering the iPhone 2011, as expected, that could add another 10 million units to 2010 iPhone sales projections.

According to analysts, the iPad is expected to shift 3.5 million to 4 million Mac computers, despite new tablet releases from companies like Acer and Samsung .

Wall Street are predicted lofty numbers for Apple, and those polled by Reuters expect Apple to report earnings of $4.08 a share on revenue of $18.9 billion.

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