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Cloud computing governance lagging

Cloud computing governance

Cloud computing governance

Cloud computing governance "must improve" and allow for better co-ordination between various IT and business units , the analyst firm Ovum have reported.

Ovum found in their new report that cloud computing is suffering from a lack of management and won't thrive if it's not managed without better co-ordination. They found that cloud computing governance is suffering from the same flaws that plague other IT governance areas.

Laurent Lachal, senior analyst at Ovum and author of the report, said in a statement: "Despite growing interest in IT transitioning from managing technology to providing technology as a service, neither business nor IT executives have been particularly proactive in managing the various changes that such a transition requires at all levels."

Cloud computing challenges

Ovum said cloud computing governance offers up the same challenges as other areas of IT governance. With service-oriented architecture (SOA) governance, application lifecycle management (ALM) governance, IT service management (ITSM) governance all established as necessary for organizsations engaging in those practices, IT departments have been sluggish on cloud computing governance and policies.

Lachal said a new approach is needed to manage policies and procedures around cloud computing. He added that the new IT model cannot thrive without an effective governance framework that facilitates coordination between various IT and business teams.

For organisations looking to handle this growing issue, Ovum recommends companies stay focused on enabling flexibility with their cloud computing governance initiatives. If a particular business unit has gone around IT and procured public cloud services, that is usually a sign that these services are needed in the enterprise, Lachal said.

Lachal also says that "cloud governance is not just about control and keeping an eye on individuals to make sure that they behave as expected. It should also be about empowerment, based on a realignment of objectives and incentives to encourage behavioral change."

He warned that cloud computing governance should not just be about control and making sure business units behave themselves. It should also be about empowerment, the realignment of objectives, the encouragement of smart behavioural change, and delivering on business goals.

Lachal said, "cloud governance is not just about understanding how a company approaches the cloud and remains in control of this, but also how the use of the cloud impacts all the other areas of IT, such as security governance, data governance, and ITSM governance."

He said the idea of a cloud architect is a good one, because the role can promote co-ordination between IT teams.

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