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Expansion of cloud computing for businesses

Cloud computing

Cloud computing

An industry expert has claimed that an increasing number of business broadband users are using cloud computing in their companies as they get a fuller understanding of how cloud computing operates.

Cloud computing, a method of delivering resources such as applications through the internet is still not universal, but it is gradually gaining momentum.

Rob Lovell, chief executive at ThinkGrid, has claimed that the growing awareness of how this technology works is leading more companies to roll out applications based on this model.

Mr. Lovell suggested that key ways of increasing interest are by ensuring it is not built up as an intimidating project, that it is not allowed to become disruptive and is easy to understand, Broadband Choice states.

He said: "People will flock to get it because it offers so many more benefits than having your computers and your net servers in your office."

Will cloud computing move quickly?

Recent research by IT market intelligence provider IDC predicted that cloud computing will quickly move from early adopters to mainstream business broadband users this year. Businesses are now adopting cloud computing systems at six times the rate of traditional IT.

IDC president and chief executive Kirk Campbell commented: "Cloud computing offers businesses of all sizes an unparalleled opportunity to reduce the complexity of their IT systems while simultaneously reining in their IT costs."

It's been suggested that the use of cloud computing can save a business up to 50 percent when compared to the costs of a traditional enterprise platform.

But Ross Tisnovsky, vice president of research at Everest, said that companies should ensure they choose a reliable vendor to get the most out of the technology.

"While cloud services offer a strong business case over a traditional enterprise setup, the buyer's cloud adoption strategy should not be based on cost savings alone," he advised.

Yet, research by found that virtualization is considered very important by 61 percent of IT decision makers. However 50 percent didn't know how important cloud computing is or believed it to be of little or no importance in helping to improve the operation and cost effectiveness of their IT environment over the next two years. This indicates that many organisations still don't have a clear strategy in place and there is a lot of confusion around cloud computing, whereas virtualization is a much more mature market.

Moving to the cloud promises cost savings, greater flexibility and heightened manageability. It should seamlessly provide users with access to any application, through any device, from any location, via a familiar platform. Despite the fact cloud computing has repeatedly been named as a top tech trend for 2010, it is still causing a lot of confusion among businesses.

Jodie Humphries

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