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Paul Cheesbrough moves on from TMG

Paul Cheesbrough to leave TMG

Paul Cheesbrough to leave TMG

Paul Cheesbrough has been an influential character at the Telegraph Media Group (TMG), which is why it may come as a shock that he is to leave his position as CIO in the autumn.

The IT chief is leaving TMG to become CIO at News International, publisher of The Times, Sunday Times and The Sun. In his new role, he will be responsible for developing the digital infrastructure and various technology platforms across the company.

At TMG, Paul Cheesbrough has certainly made his mark. Back in April 2009 Cheesbrough first said the company was looking to move as much of its back office IT into the cloud as possible. At the time, around 50 percent of TMG's back office systems was hosted on the internet, Cheesbrough stated: "We would like to get that much closer to 100 percent so we can free up resources." Paul Cheesbrough

The move into the cloud was prompted by the way in which the Telegraph's business was changing. The company had experienced a five percent annual drop in newspaper circulation and stood at around 800,000, while there has been a 120 percent year on year increase in online audience, which was around the 28 million mark. As a result the digital side of the business was becoming much more important and required a significant upgrade to the company's online technology capabilities, silicon.com reported.

TMG is all about trying new technologies and new ways of working. In July 2008, it moved its 1400 employees onto Google Apps following to access email, documents and other work-related information.

Coming to the end of the cloud journey

When Paul Cheesbrough spoke to silicon.com back in March, TMG were nearing the end of their three-year cloud-based technology transformation.

A significant proportion of TMG's back office technology is now cloud-based with Google Apps, Salesforce.com CRM and Amazon's EC2 technology all being used at the publisher.

Cheesbrough's new role at News International will see him take over from current CIO Andrew Hickey and report to the organisation's chief executive, Rebekah Brooks.

Brooks said in a statement that Cheesbrough has "exceptional experience in leading technology teams for content businesses", which will be valuable as the company develops its digital strategy further.

It looks like Paul Cheesbrough is ready for a new challenge. His departure is the second from the group. He follows the departure of Will Lewis, the editor-in-chief .

Jodie Humphries

Jodie Humphries graduated from Bath Spa University with a BA Hons in Creative Writing in 2008. She has worked for GDS Publishing for the digital group since July 2009. She has previous experience with writing for the web, running her own website since April 2007.

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