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Samsung Galaxy Tab Hits 1 Million Sales

It may not have sold with the speed of its rival iPad, but the recently available Samsung Galaxy tablet has reached the one million sales plateau after only two months on the market.

The mark is a positive result for Samsung, who had come under scrutiny from Apple's Steve Jobs about the size of the Galaxy screen. At Apple's quarterly review, Job's claimed that a 10-inch screen was "the minimum required to create great tablet apps." He also expressed that 7-inch tablets like the Galaxy would be "DOA, dead on arrival and manufacturers will realize they're too small and abandon them next year. They'll then increase the size, abandoning the customers and developers who bought into the smaller format."

Despite a successful result for the Galaxy, the tablet still took a month longer to sell the same number of units as the iPad, however the result is still positive for Samsung and Google Android, the tablets operating system.

Samsung's success could be attributed to the popularity of its Galaxy S smartphones, which is sold by the majority of US carriers. According to a ComScore survey, 24.2 percent of the 3000 surveyed said they were using a Samsung phone or a similar Samsung device.

iPad have now estimated to have sold eight million tablets since hitting the market earlier this year, with fourth quarter sales peaking at four million.

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