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The Daily - Murdoch’s Exclusive Tablet Alternative

Rupert Murdoch, the News Corp. CEO is planning on an iPad newspaper, according to reports. ‘The Daily', as it will be called, will have 100+ staff and break stories like similar news outlets.

Unlike Reuters and other online news resources, ‘The Daily' won't be free, with initial costs around $.99 a week. ‘The Daily' will not have foreign correspondents or any staff in Washington D.C.

"There are three managing editors," reports John Koblin of WWD Media. "Mike Nizza, a veteran of The New York Times, AOL News and The Atlantic; Steve Alperin, a producer at ABC News, and Pete Picton, an online editor at The Sun in the U.K. Alperin's TV experience gives a hint to a valuable part of the newsroom: In addition to journalists, there will be plenty of people producing videos. Also, there will be lots of design staff."

‘The Daily' will be exclusive to the iPad and other tablets, meaning it will not be available on normal desktops, or printed as a hard copy. According to reports, "It will be produced into the evening, and then a button will be pushed and it will be ‘printed' for the next morning. There will be updates - the number of which is still under discussion - but not at the velocity or with the urgency of a news website."

Murdoch is outlaying $30 million for the news outlet.

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